4 Best Money-Making Android Apps or Dollars

4 Best Money-Making Android Apps or Dollars -There are numerous ways to make money in modern times, one of which is only using a cellphone now you can make money, but wait… the cellphone I mean is a cellphone that uses the ANDROID OS, so from now on, use your Android cellphone to make money. “Not bad for some extra cash to buy credit.”

How can I go about making money with an Android phone? It’s extremely simple; simply install several money-making android programs from your Android mobile playstore.

What android apps are profitable? If you’re intrigued, I’ll tell you which Android apps earn money or bucks.

4 Best Money-Making Android Apps or Dollars

Let’s have a look at some of the many types of money/dollar-generating Android apps below!

  1. (Poll)

The poll application, also known as jakpat, is a money-making Android application that awards a number of points to users who fill out or complete the surveys featured in the program.

The quantity of points you receive is not fixed since they are determined by the weight or number of surveys supplied to you. 1 point is worth 100 Rupiah and may be exchanged for LINE Gift Code, Credit, Cash, PLN Tokken to pay for power, and much more.


The whaff app is one of the dollar-generating android apps that is already well-known among Android users. You may earn money in this app by completing the activities under the PREMIUM PICKS, WHAFF PICKS, and OTHER PICKS menus.

If you accomplish the activities offered in whaff, such as installing the program accessible in the PREMIUM PICKS menu, you will receive prizes ranging from $0.1 to $0.23 based on the weight of the activity you did.


The Adquest application is one of the money-making android applications created by the students of the country. You may earn money in this application by completing Quests and Ads in the Adquest app.

Filling up data, validating email, opening an adquest application for 7 days, opening an adquest application for 15 consecutive days, recommending your friends to use this application, and installing programs in the ADs menu are among the missions available. When you do the work, you will receive cash in the range of $50 to $1,000; in this application, $100 equals 1000 Rupiah.


GiftHulk Labs offers the Tapporo application as one of its revenue-generating applications. You may make money in this program by accomplishing tasks such as viewing movies recommended by Tapporo, creating video reviews for Tapporo, downloading and installing Tapporo-recommended applications, and much more.

In this app, you will receive an ORO currency worth $1, which you can trade for Google Play Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Paypal Cash, Facebook Credits, and many other things.

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