5 Best Free Android App Maker

5 Best Free Android App Maker -Are you studying how to create Android apps? This time, we’ll talk about App Creator, which is software or a website that allows you to construct android-based internet apps. Curious? Let’s have a look at it.

5 Best Free Android App Maker

  1. Install Configure.IT

IT is one of the most popular platforms for developing android-based mobile applications among developers. If we want to utilize this program, we don’t need to know how to code.

The core element of this free app creator is the drop and drag method. Yes, we can use it to develop apps for both Android and iOS at the same time without having to do any tedious work.

When we download the created application, we can also acquire 100 percent code, which can be utilized if the program is developed to the next level. Furthermore, they have supplied a wide range of templates based on the qualities of the application we wish to create.

Oh, and they also employ a cloud-based system. Do you want to test it? Simply go to the site using the URL provided above.

  1. AppInventor by MIT

So, if this is all, I’m still having fun studying it. Oh, it’s quite excellent now, you know. As of August 2017, the version is nb162. Fresh. MIT AppInventor, like Configure.IT, provides apps that let us drop and drag aka drop and slide from one screen to another.

Although this Application Maker was initially created as an experiment, it has developed significantly with the inclusion of functionality and support capabilities for creating Android apps. It’s cool and worth a shot.

AppInventor by MIT. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts, created MIT AppInventor. MIT AppInventor is enjoyable since it has a collaboration with Google PlayStore, allowing us to publish our apps on the Google Play Store as well. The requirement, of course, is that you must register as a developer on the Google Playstore.

We also don’t need programming or coding knowledge to utilize the android app creator at MIT AppInventor; simply drag and drop. The key is to first arrange the materials, screen-by-screen designs, and navigation. Would you like to try?


Consider NEST. This Android app creator also does not need programming knowledge. What is apparent is that they offer a free service to Android, iOS, Windows, and HTML5 app developers. What more is lacking?

We may use NEST to construct unique and innovative apps based on our requirements and imagination. Oh, and NEST also offers scenario design to help you turn your ideas into the design of the application you want to create.

  1. Nonetheless

This one is also worth a shot for Android app developers. It’s free, and the website’s banner claims you can create an app in 5 minutes! Cool! According to the developer, this program is made entirely of native code and supports RSS/Atom, HTML5, Youtube, Podcasts, Twitter, Map Box, Tapa Talk, and Forums.

The cool Android App Maker requires no programming knowledge, which is exactly the way it should be. The best part is that we can sell our Android applications to the Playstore or other Android Applications (Android Apps) markets.

It signifies money if it’s cool and a lot of people put it up, man! We may also include advertisements in the apps we create, bringing in a large number of visits to our website or blog.

5. AppsBar

The AppsBar is now also free, aka free. This Android Apps Builder is quite simple to use. We might also study the video tutorials on the site. According to the AppsBar website, android app developers who wish to use this constructor must follow three easy steps: 1.

Determine the sort of Android application you want to build; 2. Create an appropriate design for the potential Android application; and 3.

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