ONLINE TRAINING ADVANTAGES AND WEAKNESSES -For the past month, we have been dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic. The Corona virus outbreak has compelled us to remain at home. So, if you don’t do anything at home, you won’t be productive. During the epidemic, we must engage in studying at and from home.

Investing can help you keep productivity at home. The investment being discussed here is not monetary in nature. Learning, on the other hand, results in an investment in “skills” or “competencies.”

Circumstances aided the desire to retain production. During the epidemic, there are several training options available. Even this online training appears to have taken on new significance in the last month.


The Benefits of Online Training

Online training – an acronym for within the network or simply online training – is the only way to continue studying while at home. Online training is less expensive than face-to-face training. Online training is quite inexpensive.

This less expensive online training is less expensive than traditional training. The organizers of online training do not incur resource transportation, transit, or lodging charges for resource individuals. It is much more “efficient” because there are no fees for consumption or training rent.

Another advantage of online training is the ability to study at your own pace. We, as online training experts, can listen to or re-practice what is discussed throughout the online training at any time. The repetition is repeated several times with no time restriction.

Online Training’s Shortcomings

On the other side, online training has certain disadvantages. The availability of technology infrastructure is the drawback of online training. Furthermore, there is a time restriction for the “video conference” session. So we don’t have the opportunity to inquire.

The first flaw is in the technological infrastructure. Infrastructure, in the form of information and communication technology gadgets, has become a major barrier for some people.

Furthermore, Indonesia’s internet network does not reach all locations. It’s also pointless to have cutting-edge technology but no signal to connect to the internet network.

The second disadvantage is the incredibly brief period of online instruction. When video conferencing, an example of a basic scenario happens. We don’t always get the chance to ask inquiries. The opportunity to offer inquiries is frequently lost to other participants with a faster internet connection.

Indeed, this last shortcoming may be addressed by contacting the resource person through “japri” after the video conference session has concluded.

However, not all of the informants responded to our queries since they were preoccupied with other matters. To converse in this manner, particular talents are required.

Finally, remaining at home during the epidemic teaches us a valuable lesson. Many parties are beginning to open out in this uncertain circumstance. Community leaders, celebgrams, communities, and community groups are now willing to share in a “cheaper” and less expensive manner.

Let us make the most of our time together. The aim is that self-productivity would grow when we are forced to stay at home due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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